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PACE Model Allows You To Finance Efficiency Upgrades…

Through A Property Assessment With No Personal Debt.

Get 30% of Solar Costs Back in Your Tax Refund!

It’s A Game Changer For Green Home Improvement.

Recent legislative changes have opened up a sensible new way to finance renewable energy additions and energy efficiency upgrades to your home – without paying out any of money up front. In addition to traditional financing options, the new property assessed clean energy (PACE) model of financing allows you to repay improvements over a set period through a property assessment – secured by the property and transferable with the house.

That’s right: Using the PACE model, the debt goes with the property and is paid as part of your property tax bill. The repercussions for not paying aren’t personal and are the same as if you don’t pay other property tax obligations.

The Department of Green Energy can help you turn PACE funding from a nice idea in theory to the way forward for your energy efficiency upgrades. Contact us now if you’re ready to hear more or get started with the funding and home improvement process.

Available right away for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on private property, the PACE program is available for both residential and commercial properties – although our focus is on homes. The program means that you as a property owner don’t have to pay the substantial upfront costs of energy improvements and other eligible improvements and can instead opt for a voluntary assessment on the property – not a personal debt.

This program is especially beneficial to homeowners who may not be staying in the home forever. The repayment obligation transfers to whoever buys your house in the future, pending agreement by the new property owner and their first mortgage holder.

PACE is the new way for Florida Homeowners to go Green

Only available in California, Missouri and now in Florida, PACE programs are enabled by state legislatures and authorized in local areas. There are at least 4 local programs available now in Florida – for improvements of many different types. As of 2017, more than 150,000 homeowners around the nation have made more than $4 billion in energy efficiency and other improvements through safe, innovative and budget-saving PACE financing.

Projects you can get funded through the PACE model include:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Replacement of inefficient HVAC systems
  • Upgrading of old water heaters
  • Improvements to insulation and air sealing
  • Installation of Energy Star-rated doors and windows
  • Replacement of old roofing materials with efficient new system
  • Installation of modern, energy-saving new appliances
  • Water conservation and wind hazard protection devices
  • And more.

Contact The Green Energy Department to learn if your project is covered in your area. We’re green energy experts who want to help.

PACE Offers Unmatched Financial Advantages For Homeowners

The list of advantages of PACE financing over traditional financing is long, and it includes these benefits:

  • Financing can be secured over a longer term
  • Upfront payment is usually not required at sale or refinance
  • Interest rates are often lower than other financing
  • Payments may be deductible as property tax from federal income tax
  • And more.

Of course, there are a few downsides. Only property owners qualify – not those who are renting or leasing. And portable items like most refrigerators and light bulbs are not covered. Also, improvements of less than $2,500 are not covered, in most cases.

The Department of Green Energy is ready to stand by your side during every step of your home’s energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. We’re a full-service company dedicated to just that: service. Let us help with designing and installing the right upgrades for your home – helping you make the right technology choices along the way. And let us help you get the financing you need through the PACE program or traditional financing options.

In energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, you have choices, and we can help you navigate them so that you get the best deal possible. It’s what we do. Why not contact us now to learn more about PACE and how it can work for you?

At The Department of Green Energy, upgrading is our department.

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