Vistra Publishes Their Conclusions on the Moss Landing Incident

Since the September incident wherein attending emergency teams discovered burnt battery cabinets and melted wiring, Vistra’s Moss Landing Phase I facility has been shut down. 
The facility employs a heat suppression mechanism to safeguard individual battery modules from heat dissipation. The preaction sections of that scheme are made up of carbon steel header tubes interconnected by flexible tubing to rack pipework, which has sprayer nozzles placed around each battery module.

Energy Storage Executives Asked Congress to Enact a Stand-Alone Benefit

In letters to congressional officials, energy storage executives requested greater attention to incentives featured in the delayed Build Back Better (BBB) Act.
The planned separate investment tax credit for power storage was viewed as a turning point for the sector. However, the battery storage ITC, like the bill’s entire $550 billion in renewable energy subsidies and investments, has an unclear future.
The executives called to urge all negotiation parties to keep working on and pass the significant climate …