Is the Era of Fossil Fuels Already Over?

All of the world’s leading nations are making global initiatives to reduce coal and oil usage. Despite the apparent momentum, it can often feel like everything is going too slowly over the years.
However, according to a new impressive analysis compiled by Carbon Tracker, the world could finally leave conventional fuels by 2035. Based on its findings, by 2035, advancements might be supplying more than 100 times the amount of electricity required to meet worldwide demand entirely from solar and wind.
Furthermore, …

Natural Gas Infrastructure – Critical to the Energy Transition

A new analysis from research firm IHS Markit highlights the importance gas can have in the shift to net-zero energy. According to the paper, gas plays a crucial role in the short-term and long-term power decarbonization ambitions since current infrastructure can be adapted to deliver low-carbon alternatives.
Furthermore, a deeper focus must be placed on repurposing preexisting infrastructure for gas to become a core foundation of …

United Airlines Completes the World’s First Sustainable Flight

A United 737 Max 8 passenger jet used 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel on Wednesday’s typically scheduled journey from Chicago to Washington. This is a historic first step for the aviation sector.
The 612-mile demonstration flight was co-sponsored by Boeing, CFM International, and United. The trip, which used 500 gallons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in one engine and an equivalent amount of regular fuel oil in the other, generated approximately 75% less CO2 than a conventional jet fuel trip.