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How Much Is Your Average Energy Bill?*

Reduce Your FPL Bill up to 100%


“Not only did we virtually eliminate our utility bill, our green energy system helped clean up our home’s air quality as well. Ultimately the solar panels didn’t cost us anything, because the money we used to give FPL is paying for them.”

Sydney Bruno & Dagmar Toll, New Home Owners

Nos ayudaron con todo! Nos pudieron hablar en Español para que estuviéramos, bien claro de todo. Fueron respetuoso de nuestro tiempo. No solamente podemos eliminar nuestro bill de electricidad, pero también nos ayudaron ahorrar nuestro dinero en el bill de electricidad también. Finalmente no solamente soy dueño de mi propia energía pero no a cambiado mi presupuesto mensualmente.”

Nelida Morales

Siendo dueño de mi propia energía ha sido la mejor modificación que ha hecho en mi casa. No tengo que pagar la ridiculez de dinero porque FPL me cobraba mas. Me a quitado la deuda que tenía con fpl para poder tener energia en mi casa”

Sonia & Jose Rodriguez

I love my solar! I saw savings within the first two months. Working with the Department of Green Energy has been seamless and nothing short of a dream! My wife and I recommended them to three of our neighbors.”

John & Debbie Small

I was pretty skeptical at first but after meeting the energy consultant it made absolute sense. I love my solar panels. We were able to bring our bill to next to nothing, and my wife doesn’t mind the check from FPL either. Everyone should go solar!”

Eric & Natasha Ward

I didn’t think getting rid of my energy bill was even possible! The Department of Green Energy and its associates, showed me how easy it was to not only help the environment, but also help my pockets. I’m definitely referring my family and friends to such a reputable company. Thanks Department of Green Energy!”

Mark and Christine Jacobs

“I was skeptical at first but after their energy consultant came to our home and gave us the brief presentation in person on how the PACE program works for our home it became a simple decision. I strongly urge you take the time to see their energy consultant before making any quick decisions.”

Robert & Elayne Jordan

“I love the switch to solar! The Department of Green Energy was able to save me thousands with the PACE program, I highly recommend that homeowners make this switch to solar, it’s a no brainer at the end of the day.”

Seth & Todd Gladwin

Make Your Home As Energy Efficient As Possible

Through various innovative technologies and upgrades to your home, we can reduce the amount of energy your home consumes. The lower your energy consumption, the less solar panels your house requires.

Want To Eliminate Your FPL Bill Completely?


Specialists in Solar Technology

The Department of Green Energy can assist our clients by providing value added services. From project development through operation and maintenances our team can assist in a full range of services that ensures our customers’ unique needs are met.

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How Much Is Your Average Energy Bill?*

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